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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 10, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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the morning and deal with our internal clock? >> you have to look from two sides. what are you doing before you get to sleep? when you're in bed is the cell phone there, the computer? you have to make it a place for sleep and have a routine. try it on vacation then at work. in the mornings, what do you do when you get up? i love exercising in the morning. get up, do your morning workout. have a lot of water, have a nutritious breakfast including protein and fruit. it will change your day and you'll sleep more. >> what do you do? >> i have a system. as a surgeon you learn, it's like being in the u.s. army, you have to get up around the same exact time. the internal clock is important. even without the alarm, your body is used to it. when you go to bed your melatonin picks up.
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your sugar level is down, so when you wake up, you want a complete breakfast. studies show exercise before breakfast makes you lose weight. that's the best time of the day, it energizes you. between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. is when you do your entire day of work before anybody else wakes up. >> 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. is when i like to sleep. >> and end up with a nosebleed. >> great show. thanks. we start this hour with a fox news extreme weather alert. the massive clean up under way in the northeast. a mess, following the historic blizzard that dumped nearly 3 feet of snow. the storm can blamed for at least five deaths, including a five-year-old boy in boston. right now crews all over the northeast are hard at work, trying to restore power to as many as 345,000 people who still
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don't have heat or electricity. there's also a race to get the highways and public transit systems up and running. the morning commute coming tomorrow. we have mother fox news alert. in details emerging in the manhunt for a fugitive ex cop in southern california. authorities created a new task force to coordinate search efforts for this man, former los angeles police officer christopher dorner. dorner, accused of murdering three people, just in the past week. one, the daughter of a retired police officer, her fiance and another police officer all as alleged payback. investigators have been focuses on the snowy mountains northeast of los angeles. welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. >> it's great to have you here. fox news has newly released
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video of dorner showing him training during his time on the police force. he posted an online manifesto and claimed his career was ruined by racist colleagues. the chief of police ordered a review of that case. we're joined from los angeles. the chief -- is he saying why he's ordering the review at this time? >> hi, yes, the chief here in los angeles did talk to a local affiliate about what prompted his decision. here's a portion of that interview. >> i'm not doing this to appease him. i'm doing this so the community has faith in what the police department does. and i'm going to make a rigorous inspection to either validate or refute his claims. we'll make that inspection
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public. >> reporter: dorner claims and blames numerous people in the department for his firing in 2008. and according to police and his online manifesto he's seeking revenge for what he saw as unfair treatment when he turned into a fellow officer for behavior during arrest. he was fired forgiving false statements. he's a highly trained individual, serving in the police department and naval reserves. he also as flight training so it prompted the department of homeland security and t.s.a. to put airports and airplane owners on alert. >> at this point, given what they know and are looking at. where are they in the is investigation? still only in california? >> no, it's not only in california. it is in three states as well as northern mexico. however, it's almost as if he has vanished. police have said in his burning truck that was found in big
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bear, investigators did find weapons inside and police in irvine did execute a search warrant on a storage locker that belonged to him. items were removed, however we do not know what they consisted of. law enforcement in arizona, nevada, california and northern mexico are in on the manhunt. the u.s. border patrol is on alert, looking for dorner. one big concern for ton particular is that he is here in downtown los angeles for the grammy i awards, held at the staples center. there's always a big law enforcement presence but tonight the los angeles police department is very concerned and they have extra security out there, road blocks are already out because, as you know, the police department has been named as a target. >> everyone there certainly has to be on alert. thank you very much. we'll check back with you as the investigation develops.
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now back to the great sunday cleanup across the northeast following the historic blizzard. some places piled up an inch of snow an hour. in connecticut, a record 34 inches snow dumped across the state and paralyzed travel to the point the national guard was brought in to help. anna, the ban on travel was lifted in new england. what's going on in connecticut? >> reporter: in massachusetts and connecticut, the travel bans were lifted but the governors are urging residents to stay off the roads. things are still a mess. in milford, connecticut, 38 inches on the ground. records were broken. 40 inches in some places. when you get this snow, not the only do you deal with hours of tireless shoveling and plows trying to make it through and then to the side streets, we've had reports of roof collapses.
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345,000 homes and businesses are in the dark. that means they're without heat and many are using generators. the governor of connecticut is urging folks to be wary of carbon monoxide poisoning. >> if you are out power, using a generator or other heating source, please make sure it is vented and vented isn't having it in a detached garage. it has to be vented outside. >> the storm is blamed for at least five deaths in the united states. one an 11-year-old boy in boston, massachusetts, who was in the car, overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning while his father was trying to dig out snow. >> that's so tragic that that young boy was in the car, maybe the tailpipe of clogged. the governor of connecticut wants assistance from the federal government?
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>> yes, asking for resources, more than money. new york'sgoer is stepping in, saying he's offering power crews and plows to come in to massachusetts and also connecticut. new york didn't get hit as hard add new england. still, long island in particular, 150 cars stranded on the long island expressway and resources from upstate new york are coming in today with road graders. we have new pictures we're showing you right now of them trying to get things up and running. until 5:00 today, portions of the lie are shut down. it's a mess for a lot of folks, neighbors are helping neighbors dig out from their homes. >> we are headed down to dig out one of my friend's sisters, she has asthma and she can't get out. >> reporter: 5300 flights have been cancelled but major airports are running.
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400 national guard members are on the ground helping too. >> thank you so much. as the northeast is recovering from our first big winter storm, there's at least one other on the way elsewhere. rick reichmuth has been so busy in the weather center. >> another one in the center part of the country but it's come to get northeast tomorrow. temps today, everybody in the 20s. still below freezing. notice over the next couple days our temps will climb. we're going to be in the 40s tomorrow. that might sound good but it's going to rain and that's a problem. it stays in the 40s the next couple days but the snow is light and fluffy. if you shovel it now, it's easy. a little bit easier. tomorrow when it rains, it will soak that water like a sponge and the snow will become incredibly heavy, almost impossible to move.
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today i can't urge you enough to get your roofs cleaned off and everything shoveled because roofs tomorrow will likely collapse. later this week. cold air comes back and everything will freeze. you got to do it today. this is the next storm, bringing blizzard conditions into the northern plains today. another blizzard here. winds very strong, 40, 50 miles an hour and maybe 12 inches of snow on the northern tier. that storm is moving across the south, bringing severe weather. a tornado watch until 2:00 p.m., later on moving up towards the east a tornado threat and then tomorrow, rain for parts of the northeast. >> is it warm anywhere? >> very nice in florida. got a great day in florida. that's why they're there. >> thank you. a fox alert.
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new developments breaking from a powerful member of congress, a republican senator, on two of the president's nominees for cabinet post. senator lindsay graham believes the senate should hold up the confirmation ofs of john brennan an chuck hagel until the white house releases more information on the deadly benghazi for attack. senator graham wants to know exactly what the president was doing that tragic night. >> i don't think we should allow brennan to go forward for the c.i.a. director ship, hagel to be confirmed to secretary of defense secretary of defense. did the president ever pick up the phone and call anyone to help these folks? >> what does this mean? joining us, a former media spokesperson for president george w. bush and joe mansion a democrat.
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mercedes and chris, welcome. mercedes, let me start with you. what does this mean if the senator is saying we're going to hold up these critical nominations until we find out about the president's activity that night? >> we've been waiting for months from the white house to figure out what happened in ban gaza. when you look at what susan rice mentioned on benghazi with her talking points, that basically saying that this was due to a protest. we know that wasn't the case. we've had so much misinformation coming out from the white house and from the administration, and when you look back at panetta's last week in the hearing when he said he called the president at 5:00 and didn't touch base with him again. it's a fallout from the president being too focused on the election, not taking care of the embassador and our folks out there in benghazi that unfortunately had to die because of this.
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>> chris, do you think it's the president's fault, that he was too focused on the election and didn't do anything else that night? >> you know, i think it's easy to be -- it's a cheap shot. the reality is and the administration has been clear, mistakes were made. secretary -- former secretary of state clinton testified multiple times, she talked about what happened. there was -- she took responsibility for this terrible event. there was an investigation independent in terms of what happened and how to prevent it from happening. it seems strange at this moment that senator graham is decide to go put a hold on this. to be honest, my opinion, it has more to do with the fact there's a serious division between former senator chuck hagel, a republican, and his republican brethren. it doesn't make sense this is the one that you decide to hold up on. >> senator graham has been specific and blunt and critical of this white house. he says the white house, as it
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relates to the president's activities, has, quote, delayed, denied, deceived and stonewalled. that's pretty tough. >> let's say for argument's sake you're right, it has nothing to do with senator hagel. why not put a hold on senator kerry? he's the incoming secretary of state. if you feel so strongly about the fact you need more answers, stop playing politics. the reality is it has more to do with the fact senator hagel and senator graham and senator mccain, the little group, doesn't get longwell. >> do you buy that. >> that's true. they have huge questions or senator hagel and his positions on how he would handle foreign policy, particularly with opposing sanctions on iran and north korea and israel. with that said, it was the secretary of defense secretary of, they did not do enough.
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so i think that there's these questions that need to be answered. as we know, it's been fox news covering this issue, ignored by the mainstream media. this is a moment in time we've loved an -- lost and embassador and several americans. >> one phone call, 5:00. >> one phone call. >> the white house would say the president was briefed by advisors. you served the president, george w. bush. >> that's right. when dealing with an attack, when american lives are in harm's way, we know that becomes quicklily a high priority for the president. if we know -- we know there's an attack going under way. >> what should he have done? >> i really think you have to step aside from being so focused on the election at that moment in time and make this one of
8:16 am
your top priorities. >> should he have been back in the oval office behind the desk? >> absolutely. that's what you see with any major attack. september 11 was a massive attack, but when we're looking as an american embassador to died and nothing was done, there was no military that was brought in at the time, absolutely. that's a moment when you have to put aside the politics and be presidential and get your secretary of defense in your office. >> chris, is it fair to say nothing was done? what would you like to have seen. >> it's not fair to say nothing was done. the president does not sit there next to the phone. he's got incredibly well qualified individuals to deal with these crisis when they happen. secretary of defense was involved, secretary of state. were mistakes made? absolutely. makes that should never happen again. there was an independent report done to highlight the mistakes
8:17 am
and to make sure that we don't have this type of terrible tragic again. the notion of months later, now you're going to hold up two potential key positions in the president's national security team because you don't have enough answers, it smells more of politics than pursuit of truth. >> that has to be the last word. thank you very much. right now president obama's preparing for his first official trip at president to israel. will it be enough to repair his rocky relationship with prime minister netanyahu. former israeli embassador to the united nations, dan gillamen weighs in. gentlemen, valentine's day is less than four days away. coming up, how you can really outdo yourself this year without breaking the bank. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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all right. all you lovers, pay attention. valentine's day is this week and
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if you're on the quest to do something special for your loved ones, it's easy to get roped in spending more than you planned. in our take charge consumer protection segment i want to help you avoid the common valentine's day ripoffs. scott gamm is founder of help save my >> good morning. >> you are just a wealth of savings. we're going to make so many people happy and save their partners a ton. where are some places we can save on things we think about like flowers and candy and other gifts? >> for roses, stick to the local florists or warehouse stores because you're going to score a better deal. there was a study from that showed the average price of roses in new york and california was $50 compared to 60 to 85 at the major online flower retailers and you score a better deal at local places.
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especially if you bargain with them. what if the flowers come damaged or late? at least with a local store you can tell them what happened and get a refound rather than beg for -- with a customer service rep on the phone. >> a lot of restaurants posted menus for valentine's day and it's the same meal you normally get at double or more the price. how do you save if you want to take your loved one someplace swanky. >> restaurant week is happening in a lot of cities through the country, a three course meal a lower price. a lot of times restaurants will continue the deals after restaurant week. call ahead, see if some of the restaurants are still honoring those restaurant week specials. also head to some of the website like groupon, living social or
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yip it and find last minute restaurant deals in your neighborhood. 50% off entrées, colleague -- including the drinks. >> no joke, living social, yip it and groupon are worth checking out. what if you want to do something unique? you don't want to do the normal valentine's day gift. you want to sparkle with something, maybe jewelry. where do you go? >> you want to head to website that offer discount gift cards. you can get a gift card to tiffany's for 10% off. williams sonoma has a 10% off card on card or cheesecake factory. the cards will be discounted so you can get them electronically and use them within 24 hours. >> you have one tip about protecting your computer. what do we need to know?
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>> sometimes when you're shopping on line, you want to make sure you prep your web browser. a app called price blink, it will let you know if there's a coupon or cheaper website to head to for the best deal. >> we're going to have you back so we can help people save money. thank you. >> thanks, jamie. >> as you know, every week on subbed -- sunday i do a take charge consumer segment. but do to and click on america's news hq page and find the link. shop, shop, shop. >> valentine's day's coming. >> president obama, first on tuesday, he'll have the state of union address and talk about the economy and jobs. maine's senator angus king, an independent, will be here to give us what he thinks the president should say. >> plus a tense -- intense as
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to the state of the union. the president will focus on job creation and economic growth for the middle class. but this comes as a new fox news poll shows americans are worried about continued government spending and the deficit. when asked the question, president obama says the government doesn't have a spending problem. do you think it does? 83% say yes and 14% say no. more say cutting government spending will likely strengthen the u.s. economy. that's 73% to 15%. will it? look at the clicking national debt clock. it's like a las vegas slot
8:31 am
machine. with us, one of the u.s. senators will it attend the state of the union. angus king, independent of maine. >> great to be with you. i saw you had john bolton on. i don't think you should have eand i on the same program. i've been many for him in airports. >> i'm glad you're here. in dealing with the deficit, dealing with this spending, we just saw the clock, going and going. what do you think the president should say? what would you like to hear tuesday? >> let's talk about the spending separately. what i would like to hear is proposals for strengthening the economy. the debt and deficit problem is also a problem of economic growth. we don't have too many economic problems that a few extra points of gdp growth wouldn't solve. the economy is sort of okay, improving. housing is coming up. the stock market is doing well
8:32 am
and manufacturing is coming back to life. if we can get the economy moving in a positive direction that will help with the debt and deficit and other issues. i want to hear concrete proposals for creating jobs and expanding the economy. >> how do we get there? you've been in washington, you're an independent. the parties are like this. >> no kidding. >> did you expect it to be that bad? >> i didn't have any illusions but there are a few signs of hope. negotiations on the filibuster rule change. didn't get as much as i want but that's compromise. a bipartisan serious discussion on immigration. i don't think we expected that. let's hope there's positive movement. but yeah, the warfare is still a big part of the deal. >> it's on both sides. the critics accuse of president of my way or the highway yet john boehner will not sit down with the president one-on-one
8:33 am
about the fiscal mess. can there be a breakthrough? what will it take? >> i think is there could be because the outlines of a potential resolution are out there. interesting discussion about spending. it's absolutely true, spending's a problem. but it's not in the areas people think. what they call nondefense discretionary spending, which we think of as the federal government is the lowest percent in 50 years. defense is about where it's been. actually lower than the past 25 or 30 years. where the growth -- two areas of huge growth, one in healthcare, and that's medicare, medicaid, other health expenditures and the other in tax expenditures, deductions and loopholes which doubled since 1986.
8:34 am
if we get go back to that level with deductions and loopholes that's almost as much as as the defense budget. >> what would you do? you were governor. as an independent for two terms, you had to balance the budget in maine. >> we had -- there was no such thing at deficit spending. >> should there be that in washington? >> i've often -- all my life i've said balanced budget amendments are gimmicks. shouldn't have to do it. i'm rethinking that position. i think there needs to be some external discipline. all the governors have to balance their budgets and they manage to do it. sometimes it doesn't make people happy, but you do it. i think a carefully crafted constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget over time, allowing for emergencies and recessions and those kinds of things, i hate to say it but i'm coming to believe that it's necessary. it's too easy to spend and too
8:35 am
hard to tax and you end up with a deficit. >> how about those who say it's unrealistic, you could never have a constitutional amendment balance that. >> i'm not sure. a lot of people around the country, political war horses like me are changing their view. it seems it's become a very, very difficult to make the difficult decisions. we could surprise the public over the next couple weeks, but sometimes i think of the -- our political system like wiley coyote, we throw anvils in the air and act surprised when they hit us in the head. this is a artificial deadline and will squash us. people don't have much hope. colby collins had this poll. it was released last month. 61% of folks think it's very or somewhat unlikely that elected
8:36 am
officials can work across party lines. 26% say it could be likely. how do we switch the numbers? >> the odd part is it wasn't always that way. one of the reasons i ran for senate. i worked in the senate in the 70s and saw senators of both parties argue, disagree, compromise, which is part of governing, reach solutions and move the country forward. it doesn't have to be the way it is. the reason it is is a complicated mix of things like jerry man dering and money in politics and changes in the media but it involves people sitting down, listening and respecting one another. my father used to say you can disagree with people without being disagreeable. it's time for more of that. >> finally. senator lindsay graham is making news saying he wants to put a hold on the chuck hagel and john brennan nominations until he finds out more about what the president was doing the night of
8:37 am
benghazi attack. >> i was in the hearing last week in the morning with secretary panetta and general dempsey and they were asked what the president knew and they answered clearly. they were meeting with him at 5:00 and just got word about benghazi. they informed him and he said essentially deploy whatever resources we have to in order to deal with it. >> do you think that was enough? >> well, senator graham's question was did he call later or what did he do? i'm not sure -- they're fair questions, but to put a -- i'm not a fan of one senator holding up a presidential nomination. if he wants to make his argument on the floor of the senate, have an up or down vote because those are important jobs. it's not going to help us in the c.i.a. or defense to not have the new nominees in there.
8:38 am
so i'm entirely supportive of senator graham's opportunity to raise the questions but he should have put the hold on john kerry, that's where the -- state department is where this occurred. >> are you troubled by what the president may have done or not done or are you satisfied? >> i would like to hear more about what the follow-up was. on the other hand, the president issued the order, deploy the necessary resources and then as dempsey and panetta testified, there was follow-up with the white house staff. i'm not sure the president needed to be on the phone every minute monitoring it. but i think -- i think it would be nice for us to know, but i don't think it's -- rises to the level of holding up two cabinet nominations. >> senator angus king on the deficit and your first state of the union as a senator. thank you for coming in and braving the snow in new york.
8:39 am
>> good to see you. >> thank you so much. for a look beyond the news, liz trotter's sunday commentary. >> president obama will deliver historic blizzard state of the union speech tuesday. you might ask, why do we need one? are america people to starved for the president's words and images that another scheduled prime time photo op is urgent? does a week go by when we don't see him on television? according to a survey, the president has delivered a total of 1,852 speeches, remarks and comments. about a third of the time using a teleprompter. even as tv ratings go south, the state of the union remains a political day of obligation, a relic of a less flashy time. no one should question the legal
8:40 am
argue. the president shall from time to time give to the congress information on the state of the union and recommend considerations as you judges necessary and expedient. some argue we're well aware of the liberal issues hammered home by mr. obama. immigration, gun control, climate control, more promises to create jobs, et cetera, et cetera. we heard most of this in the inaugural address weeks ago. it isn't as though the speech will write a new chapter. why not abolish it? surely we could get a bipartisan vote on this. the state of the union is andrea tantaros acronysm. well before the inventions of radio and television. george washington started it in 1790 with a personal appearance. in 1801, thomas jefferson decided he would send written notes to congress. jefferson claimed the ceremony
8:41 am
was too kingly, too british. ed the colleagues said he was ashamed was historic his squeak. woodrow wilson's speech came into his own when hair harry true man doctors he appreciated the showbiz potential. a smiling president offering a outstretched hand as he enters the chamber. it's a major motion picture. on the plus side there have been a few, very few, magic moments in past state of the union addresses such as president kennedy's 1961 pronouncement to land a man on the moon, and george w. bush's referen axis of evil. two years ago there was the business of supreme court justice samuel alito who said
8:42 am
not true as mr. obama attacked the decision on campaign finances. when has truth ever been a concern in this extravaganza. lastly, who can forget bobby jindal and his awkward delivery of the opposition remarks in 2009. undaunted he's working on public speaking to recapture eligibility for the 2016 national ticket. this year, the g.o.p.'s bright hope, florida senator marco rubio will deliver the republican answer to mr. obama's speech. as the republican not so secret weapon to improve its image with hispanic voters, rubio's speech will be heard in spanish and english, a clumsy idea by democrats. the president's friends in the media have already begun talking about the state of the union,
8:43 am
leaking tips on what's to come. everything but the evening's movie schedule. >> president obama preparing for a crucial visit to israel that could reset the strained relationship between the two countries. what do israel leaders need to hear? dan gillerman joins us live next. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility. more "likes." more tweets.
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president obama will visit one of america's closest allies, news the president will travel to israel for his first time at president. we're told he'll go next month. today israeli prime minister netanyahu announced iran's nuclear program, a middle east peace process and violence in syria will be on the agenda. beyond that there's a more subtle issue at play. officials say the president hopes to reset his relationship with mr. netanyahu. removing the friction that is
8:48 am
said to exist between the two leaders. joining me from tel aviv, former israel embassador, dan gillerman. embassador, good morning, thank you for being here. >> good morning, it's good to be with you. >> i want to ask you, because prime minister netanyahu has been forthright and believes this spring will be a significant time for iran's suspected nuclear program. how beneficial is it that the president makes this trip now? >> i think it's very, very beneficial and very timely for the president to make this trip in march. it's also very significant and maybe symbolic that the president started his first term with a cairo speech and the second with a visit to
8:49 am
jerusalem. it's important and it's a totally different region. he'll be visiting a volatile region with egypt collapsing, with syria in the midst of a civil war, with other countries fighting the extremists or extremism taking over, and he'll be visiting the u.s.'s only ally and friend in the region and probably best friend in the world. it's a huge to know opportunityr those two leaders who are just reelected and dested to work together, to sit down beyond the pomp and circumstance of a presidential visit, to sit down quietly, just the two of them, look each other in the eye, tell each other what they want to achieve, what they can do and what they can't do, what their red lines are and set on a course of working together in this very dangerous neighborhood and very dangerous world. >> understood, embassador, the president's been pretty clear
8:50 am
about what he would like to see, his position has been, correct me if i'm wrong, don't act unilaterally against iran, israel. is there a plan in place for israel to take unilateral action against iran in connection with its suspected building of nuclear weapons? >> israel has always said that iran is not a threat only to israel and is not only israel's problem. iran is a threat to the world at large and to civilization as we know it. we hope the world, led by the united states, will deal with iran and make sure that it does not acquire nuclear weapons. i assure you, if the world does not and if the u.s. does not, israel will do what it has to do to stop it evil, extreme fundamentalist regime
8:51 am
threatening to wipe us off the map and threatening civilization. that option is very much there. i'm sure it will be discussed by the president and prime minister with candor and the prime minister will make it very clear to the president this is an andrea an existential problem and he expects the united states to act if all other measures fail. >> understood. the united nations president make it how clear israel is taking that issue. there will be other topics, the instable in syria is one. also a threat to the region. and the prime minister now has -- he's backed by a new national security cabinet. what difference will that make on all the issues to be discussed? >> well, i think in a way, the president has already made a difference.
8:52 am
i think that by merely announcing that he's about to visit israel at the end of march, he has made it very -- he's made the urgency of form agco listening in israel much more so. i think that the are prime minister realizes he should have a government in place and a coalition in place by the time the president and air force one lands in israel. i think that the other parties who are negotiating to join the -- >> got to leave, unfortunately. we're out of time. but please come back as we get closer to that meeting. thank you. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles.
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for members of our milt, getting married is a no-frills affair. financial concerns and uncertainty makes it hard to plan that special day. a group of volunteers in georgia is work to go change that. elizabeth has the wonderful, inspiring story. >> hi. you're right. for so many military couples it's almost impossible to plan a wedding because of unexpected
8:57 am
deployment and financial reasons. one couple was planning to go to the courthouse until they heard of weddings for warriors. a group comes together and hosts private ceremonies for military couples. the goal is to get every detail planned for the bride an group. >> provided for the church, the minister, her dress, makeup for her and my daughter and style tag morning, the he photographer. it was there. >> to be able to express that in front of the people we care about privately in that beautiful setting, there are no words to describe how grateful we were for that. >> are. >> reporter: the group of volunteers has grown to more than 100 businesses. word has spread and they're getting donations from florida and photographers are flying in for the event. each couple has a private ceremony and there's a group celebration afterward. >> god bless 'em, that's great.
8:58 am
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